Automatic rice cake peanut caramel cereal bar making machine

Short Description:

1.We have two ways to produce cereal bar and ball shape rice cake: Cereal bar cutting and forming machine and Rice cake mixing and moulding machine

2.Capacity range: 200-1000kg/h. Customized according to customer needs.

3.Can produce cereal bar, energe bar, peanut bar, caramel bar and rice cake bar.

4.Free to provide customer’s factory layout drawings.

5.Offer the whole line from raw material to packing machine.

6.Provide mould customization services based on customer samples.

7.Provide engineers with installation services abroad.

8.Lifetime warranty service, providing free accessories (non human damage within one year)

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We have two ways to produce cereal bar and ball shape rice cake:

1.    Cereal bar cutting and forming machine

2.    Rice cake mixing and moulding machine

Cereal bar cutting and forming machine

The peanut brittle production line needs six machines, which are baking machine,  puffing machine, sugar boiling machine, mixer, roller molding machine, cutter machine and pillow packing machine.You can make delicious peanut cakes, millet cakes, sesame chips and so on. Complete set of production equipment is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation control, reasonable structure, simple operation, easy maintenance, with the advantages of good block forming, adjustable length, large production, etc., is the ideal equipment for food manufacturers to produce peanut sugar, rice flower sugar, sesame sugar.

Peanut sugar making process:
Roasting→ boil sugar → mixing → smashing → cutting → cooling → packaging.

 Rice candy production process:
Puffing → boil sugar → mixing → smashing → cutting → cooling → packaging.

Sesame sugar production process:
Cleaning and peeling → boil sugar → mixing → smashing → cutting → cooling → packaging.

Sunflower seeds candy, Peanuts candy production line:
Oil-frying → Cooking sugar/Oil leaking → Mixing → Forming → Packing → Product tidying → Carton packing

Technical Specifications:

Material of machine

Stainless steel








8000*1200*1500mm Dimension can custom-made according to requirement



Cutting machine details:

Rice cake mixing and moulding machine

This rice cake moulding machine is formed by pouring molds and can produce shapes such as spherical, circular, rectangular, square, cylindrical, etc. This machine has the following features:

(1) Using computer control, advanced design, stable no impact, no shaking, solves such problems as domestic counterparts slow vibration.

(2) Mold and hopper are designed with food-grade material production, health and safety.

(3) Forming the system of electronic eye tracking position, two machine correcting, positioning accuracy, and high yield.

(4) Automatic fabric material, automatic feeding, automatic ejection, and low defects.

(5) Widely used in Mitton, Michael tong, eggs, sweet potato cakes, peanut candy box shaped automatic molding machine, enabling unmanned operation.

(6) Square, round, rod, spherical design according to customer requirements.

Moulding machine details:

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