Commercial and industrial automatic donut making machine doughnut production line

Short Description:

1.Provide commercial type donut machine and Industrial type donut machine.

2.Capacity range:200-10000pcs/h. Customized according to customer needs.

3.Can produce cake donut, yeast donut, mini donut, berlin donut, tart donut,  longjohn donut.

4.Free to Design production line according to customer’s workshop layout.

5.Offer turnkey solution from checking raw material to make recipe, make donut, until final packing machine.

6.Offer installation service and teach customer how to operate machine in customer’s factory.

7.Provide engineers with installation services abroad and 24 hours online service.

8.Lifetime warranty service, providing free accessories (non human damage within one year)

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We have commercial type donut machine and Industrial type donut machine. Commercial type donut machine is generally used in shops or stores. Industrial type donut machine is used in food factory. The donut production line is divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic. Semi-automatic output range is 200-3000pcs/s and fully automatic output of over 5000pcs/h. It can be more intelligent, efficient, and save labor.Our extruder makes pressure-cut raised donuts efficiently. There are two shapes cutter, Ring Cutter is for cutting donuts with hole; the Shell Cutter is for cutting donuts without hole.

Commercial Type Cake Donut Machine

商用甜甜圈机器 (5)
商用甜甜圈机器 (3)

Commercial donut machines are available in single row, double row, four row, etc., and are usually used in stores. Generally, making cake donuts can produce round, polygonal, and spherical shapes. The product has a production size of 20-120MM and is made entirely of food grade stainless steel material. There are two options: electric heating and gas heating. If you need to know more about machines, we can provide a product list.

Main characteristics of commercial donut machine:

1. Automatic calculation system. 2. Automatic temperature control, 3. Ultra high temperature protection system. 4. Speed regulator. 5. Single row/double row selection system. 6. Pause/start independent input function. 7. One click discharge/cake inspection function. 8. Chain and track conveyor. 9. Adjust the thickness and size of three levels of donuts. 10. Gas and electricity can be used separately or in combination, each controlled independently. 11. One click conversion of battery/AC power. 12. Voltage under/overload protection. 13. Safety oil drain valve.

Technical Specifications:

NO Model Name Power Machine Package Net (Kg) Gross (Kg) Note
1 YCD-100 Double Row Donut Machine 6KW 120*55*72 110*60*53 48 57 Provide three to four sets of molds with different shapes
2 Middle Four Row Donut Machine 120*55*720 110*61*42 50 60
3 YCD-100A Double Row Donut Machine Electricity and Gas heating 6KW 130*60*84 110*71*66 65 85
4 Four Row Donut Machine Electricity and Gas heating 130*60*84 110*70*60 68 88
5 YCD-100B Double Row Donut Machine   Gas heating 50W 130*60*84 110*70*60 61 81
6 Four Row Donut Machine  Gas heating 130*60*84 110*70*60 63 83
7 YCD-101 Single Row Donut Machine 3KW 105*40*65 104*40*47 28 36
8 YCD-101U Single Row Donut Machine Digital Screen 3KW 105*40*65 104*40*47 28 36

We have more models of donut machines available. If you need a catalog of donut machines, please contact us.

Industrial type donut production line

About industrial type donut production line, there are three types of donut making machine: extruder donut machine, rolling cutting donut machine, pressing cutting donut machine. We can provide semi-automatic and fully automatic donut machines.

Our YCD series donut line is used to produce yeast-raised donuts with minimal manual input and maximum output. Donuts are automatically cut directly onto the proofing trays. The trays are then automatically carried through the electronically controlled proofer. Then the proofed donuts are sent to fry. The proofer are at a speed synchronized to the fryer, glazer and cooling conveyor, ensuring high quality of each donut.

Main characteristics of donut production line:

1,Donut Extruder deposits ring donuts ring automatically onto the proofer tray, eliminating the need for a make-up line and the associated kneading, rolling and cutting.
2, The use of high quality 304 stainless steel, make the machine use cycle longer, beautiful and clean appearance;
3, The control panel is simple and easy to operate;
4, Compact structure design, reasonable use of space;
5, Direct molding without other plastic equipment, reduce capital investment.

Technical Specifications:

Item Semi-100/300/1000 YCD-480 YCD -1200 YCD -2400 YCD -4800 YCD-10000
Forming type

Press cutting machine

Rolling cutting machine

Extruder type

Extruder type

Extruder type

Extruder type

Press cutting machine


Semi automatic

Full automatic

Full automatic

Full automatic

Full automatic

Full automatic

Proofer Power 6kw 6kw 8kW 22kW 40kW 90kw
Fryer Power 18kw 18kw 23kW 25.5kW 46kW 90kw
Glazer Power 3kw 4kw 5kw 5kw 5kw 10kw

3PH, 380V, 50Hz, Can be customized

Diameter of Donut

Normal Size: 85mm(external), 35mm(internal).  Size range: 30mm-120mm

Capacity 200-1500pcs/h 480 pcs/h 1200 pcs/h 2400 pcs/h 4800 pcs/h 10000 pcs/h
Dimension(L*W*H) 3.3*0.7*0.9m 3.2*1.3*1.7m 9.12*1.83*2.37 m 11.03*1.57*2.37m 19.89*1.46*2.35m 58*2.8*3.5m

Three forming types of donut line


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