Ball Lollipop Forming Machine | For Automatic Candy Production

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1.The difference between lollipop machines and hard candy machines is candy forming machine

2.Capacity range of lollipop making machine: 50kg/h-800kg/h

3.Offer the whole production line from sugar cooking to packing machine

4.Offer good recipes if you are a new merchant

5.Provide engineers with installation services abroad

6.Lifetime warranty service, providing free accessories (non human damage within one year)

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1. Ball Lollipop Forming Machine | For Automatic Candy Production:

YCL150/300/450/ 600 Hard/lollipop Candy depositing line is advanced equipment which can continuously produce various kinds of hard candies under a strict sanitary condition. This line can automatically produce high-quality hard candy, such as single color candy, two-color candy, crystal candy, central-filling candy, etc. The processing line is also an advanced and continuous plant for making different sizes of ball-type lollipop candies, also can make the two-color striped lollipops, and ball-type lollipop (stick –adding can be done automatically). It also can make toffee candy, just to change the sugar cooking system.

PLC, touch screen, and electrical components using Siemens, Schneider, Panasonic, and Delta

Made of food grade SUS304 materials

Servo motor driven system, more precise performance and better operability

Optional (mass) flowing controlled by Frequency inverters;

Optional candy filling machine

Optional pumps for the automatic injection of colors, flavors and acids;

Heating method can choose electric heating or steam heating

Can produce ball shape, flat shape,heart shape and Starry Lollipop

Model YGL50-80 YGL150 YGL300 YGL450 YGL600
Capacity 15-80kg/hr 150kg/hr 300kg/hr 450kg/hr 600kg/hr
Candy Weight as per the candy size
Depositing Speed 20-50n/min 55 ~65n/min 55 ~65n/min 55 ~65n/min 55 ~65n/min
Steam Requirement   250kg/h, 0.5~0.8Mpa 300kg/h, 0.5~0.8Mpa 400kg/h, 0.5~0.8Mpa 500kg/h, 0.5~0.8Mpa
Compressed air requirement   0.2m³/min,0.4~0.6Mpa 0.2m³/min,0.4~0.6Mpa 0.25m³/min,0.4~0.6Mpa 0.3m³/min,0.4~0.6Mpa
Working Condition   /Temperature:20~25℃;n/Humidity:55%
Total power 6kw 18Kw/380V 27Kw/380V 34Kw/380V 38Kw/380V
Total Length 1meter 14m 14m 14m 14m
Gross  Weight 300kg 3500kg 4000kg 4500kg 5000kg

Ball Lollipop Forming Machine | For Automatic Candy Production


2. Lollipop die forming line / lollipop candy machine:

Lollipop die forming produciton line is a high-powered candy die-forming equipment. It is consists of the centre filliting machine, rope sizer, liner, former, cooling tunnel. These lollipop machine conbined by machine, electricity and air, can controlling centre filling, lining, former, structury tightly, designing resonable, with high automaticly, it is ideal candy forming equipment.

Lollipop forming machine is suitable for producing irregular-shaped lollipops, such as: oblate, oval, big foot and cartoon irregular-shaped lollipops (shapes varying according to customer requirements).

Vacuum Micro-film cooker:syrup pump, heater, syrup inlet, secondary steam discharge system, needle valve, vacuum steam chamber, discharge control system, rotary boiler, vacuum system;The process of quickly removing water from the sugar solution in a boiling state and stabilizing the transportation of the sugar solution

Candy extruder:Available for extruding single or multiple candy ropes

Candy batch roller:a special equipment for heat preservation and lengthening of sugar clusters into sticks. It can also use hard candy machine.

Candy rope sizing machine:can making different size candies, usually four sets of candy horizontal candy rope sizing rollers

Candy die forming machine:Customized molds to suit customers' different candy sizes, Available for forming high filling candies, Up to high capacity.

Name Dimension (L*W*H)mm Voltage(v) Power
YC-200 YC-400
Batch roller 3400×700×1400 380 2 500 2T~5T/8h 5T~10T/8h
Rope sizer 1010×645×1200 380 0.75 300
Lollipop Forming machine 1115×900×1080 380 1.1 480
1685×960×1420 380 3 1300
Cooling sifter 3500×500×400 380 0.75 160

lollipop die forming machine

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