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bubble gum machine

  • Ball shape and square shape bubble gum making machine

    Ball shape and square shape bubble gum making machine

    General Character:

    Our bubble gum machine can produce different shape of bubble gum, such as square shape, oval shape, ball shape, corrugated shape and so on. And bubble gum making machine can produce center filled gum and two color gum. We know how to produce bubble gum, how to make aging room for bubble gum.  

    This bubble gum production line adopt four screw extruding technique, make the bubble gum organization and has good taste. And we adopt horizontal revolving cooling technique, avoid distortion.

    And our Temperature constant system, ensure the material fresh, and sugar strip identical. We also adopt tri-angle prism groove roller, keep the pressure put on the material steady, and the amount of the material extruding even, and has good appearance.