Chocolate Ball Mill Refiner Machine | Production Line

Short Description:

1.Two types of Chocolate Ball Mill Refiner Machine: Batch type ball mill and Continuous type ball mill.

2.Capacity range of chocolate ball mill: 2kg – 1000kg per batch(hour), can be customized

3.Food grade of SS304

4.Optional voltage, customized logo

5.Provide engineers with installation services abroad

6.Provide qualified test reports before shipment

7.Lifetime warranty service, providing free accessories (non human damage within one year)

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The Chocolate Ball Mill Refiner Machine is utilized to grind and mill chocolate pastes using steel balls within the machine cylinder. As the steel balls collide and create friction with the chocolate pastes, the fineness of the chocolate continuously improves until it reaches the desired level. This machine offers benefits such as high production output, low energy costs, and consistent fineness.

Chocolate Ball Mill Refiner Machine:

High efficiency(the refining time is much less than traditional chocolate conche, the production capacity is more than 10 times of the traditional conche)

Including smaller capacity and bigger capacity for smaller and bigger chocolate factory, stable working and save ball cost design

SUS304, food grade

Electrical components: Omron brand and Siemens brand

Can choose magnetic filter, can put different size of ball on base of customer request, can put customer’s logo outside machine.

Can set grinding time, machine will control temperature automatically and stop grinding automatically.