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Chocolate pouring machine is an equipment for chocolate pouring and molding, which integrates machine and electric control. The whole production process includes full-automatic working procedures such as pouring, mold vibrating, cooling, demoulding, conveying, mold drying, etc.

Figure chocolate pouring machine

Chocolate pouring machine

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According to gir (Global Info Research), in terms of revenue, the global chocolate pouring machine revenue in 2021 was about US $million, which is expected to reach US $million in 2028. From 2022 to 2028, the CAGR was%.

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According to different product types, chocolate pouring machines are divided into:

Manual pouring machine

Full automatic pouring machine

According to different applications, this paper focuses on the following areas:

Chocolate shop

cake shop


Chocolate Factory

This article focuses on the major enterprises of chocolate pouring machines worldwide, including: 

Chocolate machine develop technology and machine leader (1)
Chocolate machine develop technology and machine leader (1)

YUCHO GROUP, For a long time, Yucho Group introduces foreign advanced technology, and cooperates with various types of potential food machinery factory. Now we have designed and developed all kinds of food machinery used to produce candy, chocolate, cake, bread, biscuit and packing machine that have characteristics such as centralized functions, simple operation and full automatic, most of products get CE certification.

Company has production base and office building, we also have cultivated experienced food machinery investment team and our own senior engineering designers and manufacturing team, our all teams adhere to the business philosophy of "strong technical force and advanced machinery performance, quality assurance ability and honest trade", attracting more and more domestic and foreign customers, our products were sold to clients from United States, Australia, Egypt, Sri Lanka, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Middle East, South Africa and other countries and regions of the world.

Over the years, the company adheres to the Principle of “Honesty Oriented, Quality Based”. Standing in the specialized international perspective, wholeheartedly, carefully and enthusiastically service for all world food industry demand. Sincerely hopes Yucho can help you produce delicious good and enables you to create considerable benefits.

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